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I hated my white door. It was so ordinary. We bought our home four years ago and only in the past 18 months did we actually make some renovations to the place. It started with the back deck my husband built. Then carried on to a hardwood floor saga. We bought new furniture, I finally decorated, and then nothing. For the past 10 months, nothing. Well, besides my vegetable garden but I don't think that counts...

So one day while getting the mail, I looked at our door and decided to do something about it. We live in our house. It only makes sense to make the outside reflect the life within. Now for a color? My husband and I love the color turquoise. If I ever post a picture of something on our tables, there are hints of turquoise brushed into the wood. It's marvelous and that's why we saved so much to buy them. Our first date involves a great story at a Cherokee shop buying turquoise rings. So it was only natural to paint our door turquoise. But what shade of turquoise? What brand of paint? How? There were so many questions that obviously only google could answer. 

I found this beautiful blog called "Beyond the Screen Door." She had painted her door turquoise which had sparked a bunch of other turquoise doors. And, BAM, hooked. Done. I was going to paint the front door turquoise. Again, time to be brave. I slept on it, dreamed about it, then 48 hours later I was in Sherwin-Williams getting the supplies. It came out beautifully. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I didn't realize I was going to blog. I also only operate my iPhone camera so the quality isn't top notch.  Oh well. I'll just post what I have.

FYI, my front door is a metal/wood door that comes standard on most post-2000 cookie cutter houses. I was completely clueless how to tackle this project. But thanks to google and Garry at my local Sherwin-Williams, it was a breeze. 

I realize my trim is cracking and dirty. In due time.

The Process

• the paint •
1. Sand door. Tape windows and borders. Wipe door with damp cloth to get excess dust. Let dry. 
2. Sherwin-Williams exterior acrylic latex paint in Nifty Turquoise 6941. Two coats; 4 hours min dry time between each coat. I luckily have a locking glass/screen door so I was able to leave my door open this long to dry without bugs getting in and pets getting out.
3. Allow to dry for 24 hours minimum before glazing. That being said, after the second coat four hours, it was dry enough to shut my door to lock it before bed. But I still put a gap of drying time before glazing just to be safe. I really didn't want to rub off paint with the glaze.

While it looked amazing at this stage, it was too crisp for us. I wanted something aged.

• the glaze • 
4. Mix three parts Ralph Lauren faux finish glaze with one part dark paint of your choice (I used Sherwin Williams Best Bronze 6160). I held about five different color swatches against my outside brick to see what complimented best. And this mixture really gave a dirty 1940's vibe that I was going for. I also bought the sample size can and it worked great. You can change up your glaze to paint ratio for even lighter or darker effects. I suggest practicing on scrap wood to get what you want.
5. Brush on small sections of the door and then after 45-75 seconds, wipe off with damp rags. I also used dry rags for different effects. Make sure to really get the glaze in the cracks and corners for more vintage effect. Glaze dries fast so this is why you do sections and work quickly at this stage.
6. I took a smaller brush and really emphasized different areas to make it look more antiqued. With the exterior of the door being metal (aka super smooth surfaced), there aren't a whole lot of grooves for the glaze to take hold. So by doing extra streaks and alternating rag techniques, it helped achieve a faux wood look. Alternating dry and damp rags to wipe really helped create the look. I'm telling you, the camera does not capture the beauty or details: 
[with flash at night]
[no flash, daytime]

7. Glaze dries quick but I let it dry for about two hours before shutting the door, grabbing a drink, and staring at it with pride. I am absolutely in love with my door. The color looks different throughout the day. Sometimes more green, mostly more vibrantly bluish turquoise. But all of them I love. 

Note: I used an x-acto knife to cut the paint while peeling the tape off. Not being so wise could have been ugly since the process took two days and three coats. Even using the fancy sharp-edge blue tape, the paint wanted to stretch. 
I really wish you could truly see how incredible the glaze turned out. It's so much more beautiful in person.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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