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Clearly I struggle with regular posting. My husband and I are entrepreneurs and running several companies can put a damper on blogging.

Busy-ness aside, fall is my favorite time of year. Josh and I were married on 10.10.10, the leaf change is always incredible, and the crisp cooler air makes my heart rejoice.

However, this year I feel like we skipped fall and plowed right into winter. Ordinarily this would be upsetting but winter coming so strong, so fast, lit the fire in me to get Christmas in my house and since Christmas is my most favorite holiday since I was a little one, I obliged this urge.  

Before you have a panic attack and start the "Thanksgiving comes first" debate, I follow my heart with Christmas. When the spirit of The Lord hits me, my tree is up. It could be the middle of summer and the tree will go up if the urge strikes me.  So last week, my best friend helped me into my attic so I could start getting things up. For me, Christmas is a time of pure joy in His grace. It's through decor and gifts that I honor His birth. His most precious gift to us. So family, friends, strangers - it's a season for love.

So let me walk you through some of my favorite Christmas pieces in my home. The "be still" letters stay on my mantle year-round. The letters are actually pieces of old run-down homes. I pieced them together from a pile of letters sold at a junk fair. It's my constant reminder to trust in Him and whenever I see it, I'm immediately comforted by His holy words. 

Be still and know that I am GOD. - psalm 46:10

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. - exodus 14:14

Everyone has a stocking and the three small ones belong to the pets. The tree is my most favorite piece. I have had this tree since I was 20:

So many times I've been tempted to buy a new tree but in the end, I just can't part with this little one. It's small, it does the job, and it just has so many memories. It was the first tree Josh and I had. I'm super sentimental so I'll probably have this tree forever. Every ornament holds a memory as well. They are not just some random buys from a store. Most are from my grandma. From the time I was born, she has given me an ornament every year. Most of my childhood ornaments were destroyed at my father's home but I treasure the ones she has given me since. 

So let me share some favorites in chronological order. This is the ornament I got in college for obvious reasons: 

This year I dropped and broke the special ornament my grandmother gave me when Josh and I got married so it's being repaired but the year before, she got us these ornaments to symbolize our hobbies: 

I don't practice ballet anymore but it was a large part of my youth and grandma loved her little ballerina. Josh still plays the guitar and I thought it was sweet and thoughtful that she thought of him and what he enjoyed doing. 

She knows I love my cat beyond comprehension, so she gave me this that same year:

I think it's actually a Halloween ornament but it's always on my Christmas tree. The neat tradition with the cat ornament is Josh and Sabre put it up together every year. It cracks me up. Christmas was also when they became family. Josh was mildly allergic to cats and stayed away from him but he was changing his guitar strings and Sabre finally got close enough to him to play with the strings. It tickled josh so much that now they are inseperable. 

I also love my nativity. Growing up we had one and when dad put it under the tree, that's when Christmas felt real. We also didn't put Jesus out until Christmas morning. It was a nice little tradition and a happy memory of the past that I wanted to continue for my own family. I looked all over for one for the past few years but most of them creeped me out or just didn't feel like me. Then this year on Instagram, I found Lisa Leonard and she actually makes these by hand with pewter and actual Californian wine barrels. Everything about it spoke to my heart. I was luckily able to snag one of her limited edition nativities which features a gold Jesus, is numbered (mine is 77/100) and features a sweet message from her on the bottom. I love it beyond measure. 

Right now it sits on our entertainment hutch but one day when we have kids (and the dogs aren't so wild), I'll put it under the tree for them to have memories on. 

There's many more ornaments and decorations around my home but just not enough time today. So maybe I'll feature them closer to actual Christmas. But I just wanted to share a special part of my heart with you and wish you all a very blessed week. 

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