[she is 18 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 18 weeks
Size: Sweet potato
Gender: We think we know but we are keeping it a secret until we get confirmation at the anatomy ultrasound in a couple weeks.
Symptoms: Tugging and pulling - normal growing "pains"
Maternity clothes: I still love my maternity jeans. And I'm living in a lot of the basic t-shirts I got. I've also embraced nightgowns (above-the-knee). Whatever is comfortable is what you will find me in these days.
Stretch marks: None, yet!
Sleep: Some days I feel the intense urge to nap but I still haven't learned to sleep in daylight. Sleep at night isn't so rough. I still get up to use the bathroom but nothing wild. Dreams during the second half of my sleep are pretty vivid though.
Movement: One of my very best friends described it as when you lightly cup your hand around a butterfly. And I have definitely been feeling those. Nothing regular and I have to be pretty still. I had lunch with my mother-in-law and felt a good one after eating.
Cravings: I feel so guilty because this week I have eaten some serious junk. Pizza, fast food, ice cream... I still eat my fruits and veggies but I have definitely not been as good this week.
Changes from last week: Belly is definitely bigger and I've noticed a faint linea nigra coming in hot.
Best moment of the week: Every single "fluttering" that is probably baby. :)
Miss anything: Sushi. Cold deli sandwiches. Medium rare steaks. But it's all worth it.
Looking forward to: Feeling legit movement and knowing 100% if little one is a boy or girl.
Scripture for the week: You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You. - Isaiah 26:3

Sabey is back! :)


[she is 17 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 17 weeks
Size: Turnip
Gender: We think we know but are keeping it a secret until we get confirmation at the anatomy ultrasound in a couple weeks.
Symptoms: Mostly GI related but I blame my crazy diet. Some dizziness and shortness of breath here and there but feeling good mostly!
Maternity clothes: I caved and ordered some cute maternity jeans (example above) and a few basic tops. It was time. It's still kind of cold for dress weather.  I fully plan on wearing these maternity jeans after pregnancy. These things are so comfy; I'm not sure why I waited to order them.
Stretch marks: None, yet!
Sleep: I'm having a hard time falling asleep at night. I've been making it a habit to talk to God at bedtime and let Him be the last thing on my mind. I notice when I cannot sleep, it's because I haven't been communicating to Him. So I get right and often I fall asleep during our chats.
Movement: Confused on if I am or not so we will just say no. Sometimes when I'm super still in bed, I think I feel baby make a big position change but it's so rare and infrequent, it could be something else at this point.
Cravings: It's still fresh fruit. A lot of citrus fruit. But I'm still hankering for fresh local watermelon. My sweet mother-in-law made chocolate covered strawberries last weekend and those were incredible. I'm also eating sour cream and onion Pringles like crazy. Pretty strange because the last time I ate Pringles was probably 5 years ago and I've already bought three cans this month.
Changes from last week: Allergies are still high and my belly is bigger.
Best moment of the week: Getting some clothes that fit my changing shape. I was living in sweats and nightgowns and feeling rather frumpy. It's nice to have some options again.
Miss anything: Sushi. Cold deli sandwiches. Medium rare steaks. But it's all worth it.
Looking forward to: Feeling legit movement and knowing 100% if little one is a boy or girl.
Scripture for the week: Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. - Psalm 27:14

Don't be fooled; the cat is taking a nap just two steps above this week


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[she is 16 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 16 weeks (I'm a little late posting on 3/21, but here it is :))
Size: Avocado
Gender: We had a peek at this week's ultrasound. Little one wasn't really cooperating so we aren't 100% but we are pretty sure what it is! ;)
Symptoms: A lot of pulling and little cramps around the lower part of my stomach. The doc says that it's just my uterus growing. I also got a rash on my hips on the sides where I sleep this week. Skin is obviously more sensitive so absolutely no more scented laundry soap or dryer sheets for me. I should have known better but I threw some clothes in with Josh's and I'm pretty sure that's what happened.
Maternity clothes: Ya, no more regular pants. If it doesn't have a stretchy waistband, forget it. So I will be living in dresses and stretch pants until I cave and buy real maternity pants.
Stretch marks: None, yet!
Belly Button: Still in
Sleep: Sleep was hard with the rash hitting the sides that I sleep on but by the end of the week it cleared up.
Movement: Pretty sure I am feeling movement intermittently. It doesn't happen often but when I'm still and relaxing, sometimes I feel some little flutters. So exciting!
Cravings: Fresh fruit. I can't get enough fruit. I really want some watermelon so I cannot wait for all the wonderful watermelon goodness to come this season.
Changes from last week: Nausea is gone but allergies are running strong this week. I still am not sure if there is an underlying cold that is coming on but with tree pollen high, I definitely feel it in my face and throat.
Best moment of the week: Our appointment with the doc and getting to see the little bebe on the ultrasound again. Heart rate was at 138 and we got some wonderful pictures of its back. Haha, maybe at the anatomy scan in a month we will have some more views of this precious miracle.
Looking forward to: More movement. There are no words to describe how incredible it is to feel these little flutters.
Scripture for the week: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9

I believe Sabre will be a regular feature on these pictures. :)


[she is 15 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 15 weeks
Size: Naval orange
Gender: We still don't know but are hoping to get a peek at the next appointment!
Symptoms: Nausea is definitely lifting. Still having spells of exhaustion but feeling a lot better.
Maternity clothes: Loving sweat pants and pajama bottoms (as seen above). Maybe I'll break and order some real maternity pants now that my jeans don't fit.
Stretch marks: None
Belly Button: Still in
Sleep: Still staying up too late. I took my first nap (I'm not a napper; I don't know how) the other day and it was glorious.
Movement: I still think it's (embarrassingly) gas. Maybe soon!
Cravings: Sweets. Second trimester is going to give me cavities and I need to pump the breaks but it's girl scout cookie season... so hard. :)
Queasy or sick: Much better. Some mild spells here and there but nothing compared to the first trimester.
Best moment of the week: How big my bump gets at night. I know it's likely food and gas build up but Josh and I get some fun laughs on it.
Looking forward to: Feeling movement and finding out the gender!
Scripture for the week: You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. - Psalm 139:16


[she is 14 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 14 weeks
Size: Lemon
Gender: I genuinely just want a healthy baby. I know that Josh would love to have a little girl and a little girl would be perfect to grow up with my 6 month old niece but all I can pray about is a healthy baby.
Symptoms: The frequent nausea is starting to lift and the waves of pure exhaustion aren't as frequent or as severe (praise you, Lord). Having some pulling feelings in my lower sides and headaches are starting to ease up.
Maternity clothes: Pants are feeling tight in the waistband even though my bump is so small. I ordered my first maternity shirts (basic tees) last weekend and am living in sweatpants and stretchband Lululemon pants these days.
Stretch marks: None
Belly Button: Still in
Sleep: Sleep is hard. We stay up far too late (11pm-ish usually). The bathroom usage in the middle of the night has gone down to just one time around 4-5am but falling back asleep after that is pretty hard.
Movement: Not yet but I cannot wait. I think all the little bump sensations right now are unfortunately gas.
Cravings: Orange juice: I cannot get enough fresh squeezed orange juice. Catfish Hole: Something about fried catfish is really sounding good. Also, I never really cared for sweets too much before I got pregnant but around 10 weeks, I started craving cookies and candy. Every night I have a mini ice cream bar too. Eeeeks!
Queasy or sick: Nausea really ran the my world from 7-11 weeks of pregnancy. I couldn't eat much without feeling really sick. I didn't actually throw up but would dry heave and not eat anything. Now maybe a few times a week I will feel pretty nauseated.
Best moment of the week: Crossing that 14 week line. My faith is in the Lord for His Will but the ugly human parts of me sometimes get the better of my head. Also, telling my grandma. I was so excited to tell her. She has Alzheimer's but I caught her in a very lucid moment and she was ecstatic. It was nice to have a motherly blood figure to be so thrilled and excited.
Looking forward to: Feeling movement and finding out the gender next month!
Scripture for the week: How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered. - Psalm 139:17

The sign doesn't show well with me in it so here it is solo

[she is expecting]

"We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him." - 1 Samuel 1:27

The rumors are true. We are pregnant! This year will be five years of marriage and what an incredible way to mark the milestone. Our journey to getting pregnant wasn't as hard as some but it definitely wasn't easy. When you grow up in a single-parent family, you look at starting your own family differently - at least I certainly did.
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