[she is 22 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 22 weeks
Size: An ear of corn
Symptoms: Little aches and pains if I've been walking or doing a lot. I get intermittently tired throughout the day still. And for appetite, my stomach can't keep up with my eyeballs thanks to indigestion. Not a bad thing because I don't overeat! I'm super emotional this week. It's a bit embarrassing but I am pretty irritable and weepy. I feel borderline ridiculous but everything I read says it's just a normal part of the process. Honestly I am so full of joy, it just weirds me out when I realize how boo-hoo I can get.
Prepping for baby: We discussed her possible nursery location this week. While we likely won't do anything major for a while, it was fun to talk about the game plan. We also went looking at rocking/glider chairs too. It's just a lot of fun looking right now. We know that initially she will be staying in our room so there is no rush putting a nursery together but the planning is really fun. Our home has four bedrooms and three are upstairs with the master downstairs. Nothing about walking up and down stairs in the middle of the night sounds appealing so we are completely fine sharing our room with her until we get a handle on things. We did buy the most adorable little hat with ears the other day. It was on sale and too cute to pass up.
Stretch marks: Still no signs of them!
Sleep: I'm sleeping maybe 6-8 hours every night on average. My mind races at night, I get caught up in feeling her moving, or I just can't get comfortable until midnight or so.
Movement: Still my favorite thing. She will have really active days and then alternate a pretty quiet day. She is still her father's daughter and more active at night. ;)
Cravings: The sweets cravings are back with a vengeance. I want cake, cupcakes, cookies, and candy. It just takes a little bit and then all is well. I still haven't had any cravings that are too wild or for any random combos. It's more of a "I would really like something sweet. Oh a cookie. Yum. All better," kind of thing.
Changes from last week: More belly growth. More movement. And super emotional.
Best moment of the week: The weather has been really nice on the weekends so just getting out of the house and enjoying the sunshine. Spending time with Josh has become exponentially more important to me so any time I get to just bond with him makes my heart happy. He can get so busy with the business so I really look forward to downtime with him.
Miss anything: Not crying at random commercials or youtube videos of sweet animals just being cute. My thick skin is gone, friends. I will cry if you tell me you stubbed your toe.
Looking forward to: Every little kick and nudge. My heart is so full. I just want to take it all in, thankful for every moment.
Scripture for the week: And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful. - Colossians 3:15

Kitty cat decided to nap this week ;)


[she is 21 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 21 weeks
Size: Pomegranate
Symptoms: Praising the Lord that the cold is healing up. That was awful. This week I'm feeling a lot of pulling and stretching from my knees to my neck. I'm really starting to feel the shift in my center of gravity too. My belly popped a lot more this week so it's strange getting out of bed, sitting, etc. Just getting used to all these fun changes.
Prepping for baby: We haven't bought much. I'm waiting until we get in weeks 30+ for most things. It is a bit hard to restrain when you see all the adorable baby girl things available. So unless it's a major item on a major sale, we are pumping the breaks and being frugal. We have a lot of hand-me-downs coming from Josh's sister so I refuse to get carried away right now. Also, Josh wants to move my office downstairs because I can be a klutz and he just doesn't trust me on the stairs anymore (yes, I've fallen down them in the past... more than once). I really don't mind because going up and down the stairs 20 times a day, while healthy, isn't the most fun when I'm still tired quite a bit.
Stretch marks: None, yet! I've been using Burt's Bees Belly Butter since week 8 and this week I've added Mother's Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil. I realize that stretch marks are essentially unpreventable and a lot depends on genetics. But I think that hydration (internally and externally) certainly play a role in overall skin health. So I mix the two together and use twice a day on top of drinking 2-3 liters of water each day.
Sleep: It's getting harder to get comfortable. I have the Bump Nest pregnancy pillow and the Boppy Cuddle Pillow to help. But right before we got pregnant, I was sleeping on my back (something that is a huge no-no now). So learning to stay on my sides with a growing belly is an adjustment. I woke up the other day having obviously slept in a way that put stress on my hips because all day I waddled around like I had done some massive leg work out!
Movement: Still the best thing ever. Her movements are getting stronger each day. She's most active late at night and since I often can't fall asleep, I just tune into her moving around. Seriously the best part of this process.
Cravings: Fruit again. I really want a deliciously ripe watermelon...
Changes from last week: Belly growth and stronger movement! We saw our regular OB this week and things are going great! Baby's heart rate was 140's, my weight gain is on track, and I'll see her again in four more weeks.
Best moment of the week: Josh getting to feel her kick for the first time. Every time he puts his hand on her, she quits squirming. But one night he got to feel her really dancing in there. Filled my heart to no end. God is so incredible. I cannot say that enough.
Miss anything: One of my best friends ate at a steakhouse the other day and I started to miss a medium rare steak but it was just a fleeting thought.
Looking forward to: Josh being able to feel her more. He's been so involved, supportive, and excited; I just want him to experience as much as possible.
Scripture for the week: My heart rejoices in the Lord! The Lord has made me strong... I rejoice because You rescued me. - 1 Samuel 2:1  --- This speaks volumes to me so intimately. In my quiet time, I shed tears of pure praise in acknowledgment of the pain and darkness that I was once in and to have this absolute joy now is an incredible testimony to His faithfulness and love. In fact, I'm tearing up just thinking about it. :)

This cat, y'all - pure love


[she is 20 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 20 weeks (halfway there!)
Size: Banana
Gender: IT'S A GIRL! Truth be told, when we found out we were pregnant, I had a strong feeling she was a girl. And I didn't care either way, just a healthy baby was all my heart craved. But two ultrasounds have now given pretty solid confirmation that baby is a little miss. But for fun, I'll go over the old wive's tales and my experience:

Heart rate: >140 = GIRL
Chinese calendar: GIRL
Mayan calendar: BOY
Morning sickness: Yes = GIRL
Gender dreams: GIRL
Intuition (both me and dad): GIRL
Cravings: Sweet = GIRL
Sleep on: Right = GIRL
Moody or Happy: Moody = GIRL
Needle on a string test: GIRL
Headaches: Yes = BOY
Skin dry or soft: Soft (I guess) = GIRL

Symptoms: This last week was rough. It started with a rash on my eye. Then I got a cold virus that lasted all week. I really didn't want to take anything OTC (even those on the "safe" list) for symptoms, so for the first time in a long time, I felt the full raw power of a cold. I've still got a lingering cough and scratchy throat. Otherwise, I've been doing great!
Maternity clothes: Loving them although the tunic I'm wearing is kind of baggy so you can't really get a good bump view on the pic above. I tried again by our gorgeous tree but I really should have changed shirts to something form-fitting. Really, whatever I'm buying now I want to be able to wear outside of pregnancy so aside from actual maternity pants, I'm trying to just get loose fitting tops that can work all the time.

Stretch marks: None, yet!
Sleep: Could not sleep much this week with being sick, coughing, allergies and the anticipation of the anatomy scan. So you can tell in the pics I'm quite tired but loving every minute of our precious girl.
Movement: ABSOLUTELY. And it's the strangest and coolest thing I've ever felt in my life. During the anatomy ultrasound, I could simultaneously see her move while feeling her move so it fully confirmed that what I feel is indeed her and not random GI symptoms. I love it beyond words.
Cravings: Not a whole lot this week. It could be because I've been under the weather.
Changes from last week: Glorious confirmed movement.
Best moment of the week: God is so incredible. Let me start by saying my faith in His plan for our child is unwavering. We declined all the genetic testing because whatever gift God gives us, is graciously accepted and we are beyond thankful for His trust and gift. However, the flesh is weak and I would be lying if I said the teleconferenced anatomy ultrasound with a strange high-risk OB doc in another city didn't make me anxious. They go through every part of baby looking for markers of abnormality and genetic abnormalities. We had known we had to do this upgraded ultrasound for a long time because I must take a medication for my elevated heart rate (byproduct of the arrhythmia I had fixed a decade ago) and they wanted to be precautionary that it didn't adversely affect baby. So the best moment was going through every part of her anatomy and seeing that God had formed every part of her perfectly. Tears of pure praise streamed quietly down my face as they told us each part was forming perfect and healthy. We are so thankful and finally seeing her sweet profile on the screen (she has hid her face the last two ultrasounds) made my heart swell with pure joy and thankfulness.

Miss anything: Fresh air and friends. Ha! The allergies and cold have caused me to stay confined at home all week.
Looking forward to: Every kick and nudge. :)
Scripture for the week: His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:7

We could not get a solid picture of Sabre looking at the camera - as seen in the first pic - but he was there!


[she is 19 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 19 weeks
Size: Mango
Gender: We find out 100% hopefully next Monday!
Symptoms: The intermittent headaches are back but I think it's combo pregnancy/allergies/not enough fluids. Allergies in general were hard this week. I know I can take Claritin safely but I am trying to be as conservative as possible with extra medicines so I just tough it out. Keeping this little one safe is worth more to me than my comfort.
Maternity clothes: On my birthday we discovered a small maternity section in Gap Baby. So Josh bought me a couple leggings, a dress, and some more jeans. All of which I fully intend on wearing not pregnant. Such cute comfy stuff.
Stretch marks: None, yet!
Sleep: I finally took some naps this week! BUT, when I woke up from the first nap, my eye started itching and progressed to a rash on my eyelids so no makeup or contacts for me this week (as you can see in the picture). Allergies have really wiped me out so I think that's why I'm actually napping so much.
Movement: Yay, this week I'm feeling more flutters! It's still not regular but I know for sure it's baby now when it happens. It's probably my favorite thing - ever.
Cravings: I blame one of my best friends - macaroni and cheese. Granted this was my favorite food even before I got pregnant. But she has been craving it in her pregnancy and the little seeds she plants have taken root. So this week, I'm on a macaroni and cheese kick with her.
Changes from last week: More movement!
Best moment of the week: Turning 30 with little skittle growing inside. Thirty has always been the birthday I looked forward to. It was the last birthday my mom had and it's just been a special number for me. My brother surprised me with a visit. Josh and my friends did so much to make it special. There was a full lunar eclipse to start the day and Easter was the following day marking the start of week 19. One of my very best friends announced her pregnancy (only 2 months behind me). It was just a really incredible weekend.
Miss anything: This week is my contacts and makeup. I look so tired/sick without eye makeup on but I would rather be patient and not wear makeup or contacts than bomb the little one with some steroids to fix the rash so maybe next week I can wear contacts and makeup again.
Looking forward to: The big anatomy ultrasound next week and hopefully knowing without a doubt if we have a little girl or little boy on our hands.
Scripture for the week: This is my life verse (Psalm 27 is my jam) and it's been on my heart all week -- My heart says of you, "Seek His faee!" Your face, Lord, I will seek. - Psalm 27:8

No kitten today - he was sleeping ;)

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