[she is 19 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 19 weeks
Size: Mango
Gender: We find out 100% hopefully next Monday!
Symptoms: The intermittent headaches are back but I think it's combo pregnancy/allergies/not enough fluids. Allergies in general were hard this week. I know I can take Claritin safely but I am trying to be as conservative as possible with extra medicines so I just tough it out. Keeping this little one safe is worth more to me than my comfort.
Maternity clothes: On my birthday we discovered a small maternity section in Gap Baby. So Josh bought me a couple leggings, a dress, and some more jeans. All of which I fully intend on wearing not pregnant. Such cute comfy stuff.
Stretch marks: None, yet!
Sleep: I finally took some naps this week! BUT, when I woke up from the first nap, my eye started itching and progressed to a rash on my eyelids so no makeup or contacts for me this week (as you can see in the picture). Allergies have really wiped me out so I think that's why I'm actually napping so much.
Movement: Yay, this week I'm feeling more flutters! It's still not regular but I know for sure it's baby now when it happens. It's probably my favorite thing - ever.
Cravings: I blame one of my best friends - macaroni and cheese. Granted this was my favorite food even before I got pregnant. But she has been craving it in her pregnancy and the little seeds she plants have taken root. So this week, I'm on a macaroni and cheese kick with her.
Changes from last week: More movement!
Best moment of the week: Turning 30 with little skittle growing inside. Thirty has always been the birthday I looked forward to. It was the last birthday my mom had and it's just been a special number for me. My brother surprised me with a visit. Josh and my friends did so much to make it special. There was a full lunar eclipse to start the day and Easter was the following day marking the start of week 19. One of my very best friends announced her pregnancy (only 2 months behind me). It was just a really incredible weekend.
Miss anything: This week is my contacts and makeup. I look so tired/sick without eye makeup on but I would rather be patient and not wear makeup or contacts than bomb the little one with some steroids to fix the rash so maybe next week I can wear contacts and makeup again.
Looking forward to: The big anatomy ultrasound next week and hopefully knowing without a doubt if we have a little girl or little boy on our hands.
Scripture for the week: This is my life verse (Psalm 27 is my jam) and it's been on my heart all week -- My heart says of you, "Seek His faee!" Your face, Lord, I will seek. - Psalm 27:8

No kitten today - he was sleeping ;)

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