[she is 23 weeks pregnant]

Messy hair, don't care ;)

How far along: 23 weeks
Size: Papaya
Symptoms: More pulling and tugging. Sitting for too long hurts my hips when I stand. Standing too long hurts my back when I sit. I got my first mid-sleep leg cramp. All pretty normal things. :)
Prepping for baby: My office is now officially downstairs. We are signed up for a baby marathon class next month. Every day I sing two songs for her hoping that if she gets accustomed to the melodies in the womb, that it can bring some comfort to her when she's in this big scary world.
Stretch marks: With all this growth this week, I'm surprised that I still don't!
Sleep: Still mostly sleeping through the night. The pregnancy nightmares are pretty rough though. Praying for those to go away.
Movement: The other night we were laying in bed and she hadn't moved in a while (which is totally normal and I knew she was asleep). Josh stretched his hand over her and said, "I love you, my little girl" and she totally kicked him and he was able to feel it. We both were really touched and excited about it. I love when she wiggles around. It's still the best thing ever.
Cravings: Still sweets. I genuinely have a daily limit and fight to stick to it. Josh brought home a huge tray of cupcakes and I surprisingly only ate 3 of them.
Changes from last week: Definitely more belly growth. My weight gain is still on target so it's all in the belly/chest which brings all the new aches and pains.
Best moment of the week: We got invited to our friends' crawfish boil to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. It was really nice to be around a bunch of people who walk in the same spirit. I got to fill up my friendship tank with one of my very best friends and the boys all decided to buy the big boxing match so we got to spend a LOT of time just hanging out since the fight didn't end until 1am! Practically every couple had a bunch of little ones running around so it was fun to just see all these small kids having fun and dreaming of when our little girl can run with them too one day.
Miss anything: Energy. However, I'm having so much fun feeling her move around that I don't consume myself in negative thoughts.
Looking forward to: Same as last week -- Every little kick and nudge. My heart is so full. I just want to take it all in, thankful for every moment.
Scripture for the week: In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name. - Psalm 33:21

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