[she is 25 weeks pregnant]

There's a cat in my hair this week

How far along: 25 weeks
Size: Cauliflower
Symptoms: Dizziness and nausea is back. Lots of pulling and stretching too.
Prepping for baby: Her baby book delivered. We wanted the hard-to-find Emily Ley Baby Book and a local business had one in stock so we were able to snag one. The quality is amazing and it's perfect. We also registered this week at a few places. Josh had a lot of fun and bought her an outfit that he fell in love with. He picked it out himself, carried it around, and it melted my heart how much he loves this little girl already. We are waiting until next month to start working on the nursery and order her bigger items. No rush right now; we are just soaking in every moment of this time.
Stretch marks: Not yet but it wouldn't surprise me to wake up one day with them. She is growing!
Sleep: Still struggling for good rest. I wake up at 5am almost every day even if I fall asleep after midnight. And I lay there doing my bible study, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Sometimes I fall back asleep but most times I just lay there and feel her move around.
Movement: Speaking of movement, she is most active at night until early morning. I don't know if she just knows mom is sleeping and feels like there's free reign but during the day she's mostly quiet so we are already on opposite sleep schedules! But when she is moving, you can see her doing it now.  Her movements are typically pretty low. I haven't experienced any rib kicks or the like.
Cravings: Fruit and vegetables. And creme brûlée. :)
Changes from last week: Nausea and dizziness are not the most fun. But it's part of this marvelous process so I try not to complain.
Best moment of the week: We saw our doctor this week for a routine check up. We got to see her again on the ultrasound and everything looked great. We signed up for a labor and delivery/tour class as well. It's just awesome watching everything come together. I cannot stress how in awe of The Lord I am during this time. This is the same God who created the Heavens and the earth, parted the Red Sea, died on a cross for us... It's just incredible.
Miss anything: Sleep. Ha! They say I better get used to this though...
Looking forward to: Having our first class so we can get familiar with what to do and where to be when the time comes. Don't get me wrong, I don't like sitting in any classes but I like being prepared more.
Scripture for the week: May all my thoughts be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord. - Psalm 104:34

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