[she is 26 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 26 weeks (I cannot believe we have less than 100 days left!)
Size: Lettuce
Symptoms: Exhaustion. I have been getting so completely whipped through the day that I have to just lie down. And if I don't lie down, then I get dizzy and short of breath so my body will make me rest. I'm also waking up to leg cramps randomly. I eat a lot of bananas (on top of a pretty well balanced diet) but they are happening! Nausea and indigestion are still in the game. More pulling and stretching as she grows. I love her dearly, so all of this is completely worth her.
Prepping for baby: I have been putting things we get for her in rubbermaid containers and bringing them up to her room. Mainly clothes and swaddles so we are still waiting another month or so before we get her bigger things like the crib, car seat, etc. We went to our first labor and delivery class last week and toured the delivery unit. I was familiar with the hospital because I did my rotations there in nursing school but now Josh got familiar with the surroundings. I'm finally starting to read some baby books as well. My best friends are preparing my baby shower and they are all so excited. I am really feeling blessed to have such an incredible group of women who are as supportive and loving as they are. Love them beyond words and I can't wait for Olivia to meet them.
Stretch marks: She grew a lot this week. But still no stretch marks.
Sleep: This week sleep hasn't been so bad (knock on wood). I'm probably getting between 6-8 hours a night and I will take it! I'm probably sleeping better this week because I am so tired!
Movement: She is moving a lot this week. I still feel most her movements below my navel and most of those lower than that! Josh can feel her a lot more too. I am trying to get a video of her kicks but it's pretty hard to capture on my phone since she's dancing so low!
Cravings: Still sweets. I want sprinkle donuts constantly but have only had three this whole pregnancy!
Changes from last week: The waves of exhaustion. I have been doing a lot of stuff around the house that would be seemingly normal before pregnancy but my body is not having it now. I pace my tasks so that I don't wear completely out.
Best moment of the week: We went to our good friends' wedding this weekend and had such a good time. The class was a nice bonding experience as well. It's been such a busy week that flew by!

Josh was a groomsman and looked so handsome
Miss anything: Energy! It's so crazy feeling like I can't keep up with my old chores when I'm about to add a baby to the mix. Praying for lots of strength!
Looking forward to: All her little movements. She can open her eyes now so maybe that's why she is moving more. Even though she can't see much in there, she can perceive light and I'm sure if she's like mom and dad, she's loving the sunshine. I'm excited for the baby shower at the end of next month too! I also can't wait to start ordering her bigger stuff next month after the baby shower.
Scripture for the week: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. - Matthew 11:28-29
If you click the pic, Sabre's tongue is hanging out ;)

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