[she is 31 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 31 weeks
Size: Pineapple
Symptoms: More stretching from growing. I still get tired and dizzy at times but overall pretty great.
Prepping for baby: We set up her area in our bedroom. I didn't want to put her sheets on yet (to avoid collecting dust - they are sitting in her crib) but we are pretty pleased with how it turned out. Putting together her crib wasn't as awful as people say and ours was from Norway so literally just two pages of pictures, no words.

We woke up this morning thinking, "Did we grow up? There's baby stuff in our room!"

I gave her my makeup vanity as her diaper changing station - Josh got me the vanity when we started dating and it's always been so special to me.

The two stars represent Josh's late father and my late mother. We know they've been looking after her all this time and will continue to for her whole life. :)
Prep for baby cont.: We got so many things at our shower - it was incredible (more on the shower below) but we do have a few more things to get. But honestly we have all the basics and are really excited for this new chapter.
Sleep: Still sleeping good. Fingers crossed this hangs on. Some mornings I will wake up too early but overall, I cannot complain.
Movement: I have finally felt a few movements above my navel. Which means she's finally rolling around a little more in there. I joked with my doctor about her being stuck in my pelvis since all my movements were so incredibly low. Most movements are still really low but I have felt some higher movements now!
Cravings: I really really really want some cake. We cancelled my cake for the shower while we work on sugar control (which actually all my sugars have been in range - even though I haven't seen the diabetic educator yet - yay for RN school, right?). And my best friend had a birthday and I couldn't partake in the treats again. But fruit helps curb that annoying craving.
Changes from last week: I'm bigger. Higher movement. There's baby stuff in our room. Our routine appointment this week went really well.  All good stuff.
Best moment of the week: Hands down the baby shower. You really see people's true character on days that mean the most to you - both good and bad. My friends who put the shower together really put their heart into it and that love is not lost on me. I am SO appreciative of their hard work and attention to detail. They even pitched a bunch of money together and pretty much cleaned out the rest of my Target registry. Unbelievable. So to Brittanee, Alicia, Amber, and my mother-in-law - thank YOU beyond any words I can express. Little O will be so lucky to have angels in her life like you.

And to all the women who took time out of their busy lives to shower my little skittle with love, thank you. It meant the world to see your smiles and share laughs with you. To my friends who had prior obligations or emergencies, I completely understand, don't worry, I can't wait to meet up soon! And to those who just didn't care, I appreciate you weeding yourselves out of our lives. I don't need people around my daughter that don't have integrity. As hurt and disappointed as I have been by some, I know that God is at work showing me who I need to value and who I need to let go of. It is not an easy process but it's not about me anymore. It's about being an example to my child of the treatment we deserve by others. This past year I've really tried to focus on connecting with many friends and simply put, those that did not reciprocate, I have to let go of. It's been the same few people who consistently blow off important dates and I've had enough. These women below have been an incredible example of selfless love and kindness for years and my eyes are even more open to just how incredible each one is (several women are missing due to conflicts in schedule but the same sentiment applies)

Looking forward to: We have an ultrasound coming up! I still have to organize a lot of her things. But I'm trying to soak up these last couple months of this incredible miracle inside me.
Scripture for the week: I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I will always trust in God's unfailing love. - Psalm 52:8 [and] Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. - James 1:2-3

Well well well, sweet Sabre came today ;)


[she is 30 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 30 weeks
Size: Cabbage
Symptoms: I'll be honest, this last week was tough. I really haven't felt well. The fatigue was intense, dizziness, weakness; It just hit a peak. I had failed my 1-hour glucose so at the end of last week I took the 3-hour glucose tolerance test. AND failed. Which I could tell I was failing as I took it because I felt TERRIBLE. We followed up with the doc and she explained (because as an RN you kind of forget how to be a patient) what was going on and that's why I haven't been feeling so hot. Being tired in pregnancy is expected but feeling like this was not. So it was nice to have an explanation for how down I had been feeling the last month. Basically we will watch her growth more carefully as she's more susceptible to being chubbier thanks to my inability to metabolize glucose efficiently now. I'm also not truly anemic as previously called. Just on the low side of normal so she said we will keep watch on my labs. Not the best week of doctor's reports but there are definitely worse things that can happen so I'm grateful for that. We also had a good laugh about how everything was smooth sailing and my doctor goes on vacation and everything went into chaos.
Prepping for baby: We finally ordered her crib! I have a soft spot in my heart for European baby companies. Their design and function is right up our alley. Her crib actually starts as a bassinet and you add and take away pieces until it becomes a junior size bed. It even converts to sleek chairs after that. Well worth the investment in our opinion.

(Hers will be in white)
Stretch marks: I'm pretty amazed by the fact that there isn't one.
Sleep: Slept like a rock the past couple of nights. Can't complain about that. :)
Movement: She is still more active at night and she still has more active days than others. And it is still the best thing in the world.
Cravings: No more sweets but it is all I want. I try to nip the cravings in the bud with some fruit but really I want cake/cookies/etc. I'm also craving avocados. The diabetic educator is supposed to get in touch soon so that I can get a real game plan going. We are trying to manage with diet before we go to medicine and I'm anxious to get this ball rolling.
Changes from last week: Aside from an answer to why I have been feeling so down, I'm definitely bigger.
Best moment of the week: We took our newborn/breastfeeding marathon class. Yes, spending an entire Saturday in class is not ideal but we enjoyed the information and it got us really excited about this new chapter. And it was Father's Day. Another holiday that I would typically have all kinds of negative emotions towards. However, this year I have a precious little girl growing in me and an incredible husband that loves us with all his life. Father's Day now has such an important place in my heart; I know that my little girl will have the most doting and loving father a girl could want. And to me, that means more than I could ever write.
Looking forward to: Baby shower this weekend! My best friend planned on getting my dream cake but due to the gestational diabetes, we are opting for something different. We fully plan on having cake once the little one is here safe though!
Scripture for the week: For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11 and You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. - Jeremiah 29:13 -- Nothing rocks my faith boat like feeling sick or abnormal medical results. Because my mother died so young, I get scared, I go to a place of fear and doubt. Ultimately, my faith in His plan gets tested. In my bible study this week, a girl compared God's great plan to a beautiful tapestry. On one side, the tapestry is a hot mess of threads that make no sense and look awful but on the other side is a beautiful and great masterpiece. What a perfect depiction of life; so often all we see are the tangled threads that make no sense but really God is working a masterpiece that is beyond our comprehension of beauty and magnificence. When I continually seek Him and keep my faith-focus on Him alone, the hot mess fades and the beauty comes to focus. It was not easy to wrap my otherwise pretty healthy life around the word "gestational diabetes" but when I know that He has purpose for all things, including diabetes, my fear fades and my hope is restored.

Sabre is on a nap break this week


[she is 29 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 29 weeks
Size: Acorn Squash
Symptoms: Waves of the heavy exhaustion are back this week. Otherwise, pretty much the same as last week. My blood work came back showing I am anemic so that explains why I'm so whipped. Iron supplements for me!
Prepping for baby: We still haven't played with the car seat in our own cars. It was such a busy week but we will get to that soon. We have a Newborn Marathon class this Saturday. Eight hours in a classroom on a Saturday morning doesn't sound like fun but Josh and I are ready to get it behind us. I may have ordered her the CUTEST ballet slippers. I get that she won't be walking for another year but she can have them on her adorable feet eventually.
Stretch marks: Still holding tight, although she grew a LOT this week it feels like.
Sleep: Struggling for comfort is more noticeable. Especially just sitting on the couch feels off now. Sleep hasn't been the best this week but mainly from my mind racing.
Movement: Still moving and moving low. I asked the doctor about it (because I've felt maybe two kicks above my navel) and she said it's totally normal. Baby is doing great! Some babies just make their stomping grounds high and some low.
Cravings: Fruit still and sweets are still a constant want. I was in the middle of a rice Krispy treat when they called to tell me I barely failed the one hour test. So onto the three hour test at the end of this week. And no more sweets/carbs until then. :(
Changes from last week: This belly is bigger and I hate my couch now. Ha!
Best moment of the week: The full cry I broke into during worship at church. Hormones + Jesus = hot mess Janice. Luckily everyone else was feeling it too so I was able to get some tears under control before the lights hit back on again. We were singing It Is Well (Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music) and it went straight to the feels. It is so well with my soul. I may get uncomfortable or not be able to do what I used to but His unending love and grace is worth more than anything.
Looking forward to: Lights out tonight. Lol. I'm really sleepy today.
Scripture for the week: I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I put my hope. - Psalm 130:5
Such a welcomed rainy week :)


[she is 28 weeks pregnant]

Click for details: Dress, Necklace (personalized w/our baby's name)Earrings, Flower Crown (made by me) 
How far along: 28 weeks - THIRD TRIMESTER!
Size: Large eggplant
Symptoms: Lots of stretching/growing pains. Still having indigestion, random waves of exhaustion, intermittent nausea, and the occasional headache. Not sure if it's true Braxton Hicks contractions or just her movement but every once in random while, this basketball gets real tight (not painful) for a little bit.
Prepping for baby: Her car seat delivered! I have also started organizing her clothes by size, her bows by color, and various other inventory checks so that I could make a list of what absolutes we still need to get.
Stretch marks: Hanging strong. I hear they usually show up in the last weeks so there's that new fact.
Sleep: I still struggle getting comfortable. But I usually get around 8 hours of sleep on average. Night bathroom trips have returned so it's always fun rolling around like a turtle to get up once I'm nuzzled in my pillow nest. Josh is a huge help by providing a hand whenever I need it.
Movement: Still the best thing. She will sometimes get in a position that her kicks are actually painful but her sweet wiggles, squirms, kicks, hiccups and the like are my favorite part of the day.
Cravings: Fruit! We cut the most delicious fresh pineapple this week and all I want are cherries, peaches, bananas, etc.
Changes from last week: Heat intolerance. I have always been very cold natured and I've noticed that I am always hot now. I know the weather has gotten drastically warmer but even in 65 degree air conditioning, I'm warm.
Best moment of the week: Last weekend Josh's sister came over for a cookout and we got to spend time with her 9 month old daughter. The best part was watching Josh hold, play, talk with her, etc. It was a glimpse of our future with our daughter and I know he is going to be an amazing father.
Miss anything: Not really anything is striking me this week.
Looking forward to: Ordering her bassinet/crib. Of course I'm incredibly excited for the baby shower in a few weeks!
Scripture for the week: He counts the stars and calls them all by name. - Psalm 147:4  It's easy to feel forgotten or alone during this busy season but when I reflect that this is the God who made every single star and knows them each by name; He absolutely still remembers me and my unborn child too. I can admit not having my mother or father during this process has been very difficult emotionally but the love from our Heavenly Father surpasses any love that exists here on earth. And that will always be more than enough.

Look who came to take pictures this week :)

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