[she is 28 weeks pregnant]

Click for details: Dress, Necklace (personalized w/our baby's name)Earrings, Flower Crown (made by me) 
How far along: 28 weeks - THIRD TRIMESTER!
Size: Large eggplant
Symptoms: Lots of stretching/growing pains. Still having indigestion, random waves of exhaustion, intermittent nausea, and the occasional headache. Not sure if it's true Braxton Hicks contractions or just her movement but every once in random while, this basketball gets real tight (not painful) for a little bit.
Prepping for baby: Her car seat delivered! I have also started organizing her clothes by size, her bows by color, and various other inventory checks so that I could make a list of what absolutes we still need to get.
Stretch marks: Hanging strong. I hear they usually show up in the last weeks so there's that new fact.
Sleep: I still struggle getting comfortable. But I usually get around 8 hours of sleep on average. Night bathroom trips have returned so it's always fun rolling around like a turtle to get up once I'm nuzzled in my pillow nest. Josh is a huge help by providing a hand whenever I need it.
Movement: Still the best thing. She will sometimes get in a position that her kicks are actually painful but her sweet wiggles, squirms, kicks, hiccups and the like are my favorite part of the day.
Cravings: Fruit! We cut the most delicious fresh pineapple this week and all I want are cherries, peaches, bananas, etc.
Changes from last week: Heat intolerance. I have always been very cold natured and I've noticed that I am always hot now. I know the weather has gotten drastically warmer but even in 65 degree air conditioning, I'm warm.
Best moment of the week: Last weekend Josh's sister came over for a cookout and we got to spend time with her 9 month old daughter. The best part was watching Josh hold, play, talk with her, etc. It was a glimpse of our future with our daughter and I know he is going to be an amazing father.
Miss anything: Not really anything is striking me this week.
Looking forward to: Ordering her bassinet/crib. Of course I'm incredibly excited for the baby shower in a few weeks!
Scripture for the week: He counts the stars and calls them all by name. - Psalm 147:4  It's easy to feel forgotten or alone during this busy season but when I reflect that this is the God who made every single star and knows them each by name; He absolutely still remembers me and my unborn child too. I can admit not having my mother or father during this process has been very difficult emotionally but the love from our Heavenly Father surpasses any love that exists here on earth. And that will always be more than enough.

Look who came to take pictures this week :)

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