[she is 29 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 29 weeks
Size: Acorn Squash
Symptoms: Waves of the heavy exhaustion are back this week. Otherwise, pretty much the same as last week. My blood work came back showing I am anemic so that explains why I'm so whipped. Iron supplements for me!
Prepping for baby: We still haven't played with the car seat in our own cars. It was such a busy week but we will get to that soon. We have a Newborn Marathon class this Saturday. Eight hours in a classroom on a Saturday morning doesn't sound like fun but Josh and I are ready to get it behind us. I may have ordered her the CUTEST ballet slippers. I get that she won't be walking for another year but she can have them on her adorable feet eventually.
Stretch marks: Still holding tight, although she grew a LOT this week it feels like.
Sleep: Struggling for comfort is more noticeable. Especially just sitting on the couch feels off now. Sleep hasn't been the best this week but mainly from my mind racing.
Movement: Still moving and moving low. I asked the doctor about it (because I've felt maybe two kicks above my navel) and she said it's totally normal. Baby is doing great! Some babies just make their stomping grounds high and some low.
Cravings: Fruit still and sweets are still a constant want. I was in the middle of a rice Krispy treat when they called to tell me I barely failed the one hour test. So onto the three hour test at the end of this week. And no more sweets/carbs until then. :(
Changes from last week: This belly is bigger and I hate my couch now. Ha!
Best moment of the week: The full cry I broke into during worship at church. Hormones + Jesus = hot mess Janice. Luckily everyone else was feeling it too so I was able to get some tears under control before the lights hit back on again. We were singing It Is Well (Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music) and it went straight to the feels. It is so well with my soul. I may get uncomfortable or not be able to do what I used to but His unending love and grace is worth more than anything.
Looking forward to: Lights out tonight. Lol. I'm really sleepy today.
Scripture for the week: I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I put my hope. - Psalm 130:5
Such a welcomed rainy week :)

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