[she is 32 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 32 weeks
Size: Bok choy (not sure how they come up with these as different sites say different foods)
Symptoms: Tired. More stretching and pulling feelings. Nerve pains from her position at times.
Prepping for baby: We are just soaking up all the moments right now together. I will admit anxiety creeps up on me when I realize that we are in the home stretch but relying on faith and taking each moment as it comes helps tremendously. We also had to "move" our cat. Since we bought our house, his litter box and food setup have been in our master bathroom. We both agreed that since little O will be in our room for a while, we should probably set up Sabre's shop somewhere else. So we moved his box to our upstairs guest bathroom and his food to the formal dining room. He's having a hard time adjusting (loud meowing at our faces) but so far but we haven't had any stinky rebellion... fingers crossed we gave him enough time to adjust to that before the shock of baby.
Stretch marks: I haven't really looked because it's hard to see the underside of my stomach now but I don't think there are any!
Sleep: I'm having a hard time falling asleep from time to time and I get up once or twice a night to use the bathroom but it isn't that bad. Josh wakes up super early sometimes and plays with her which wakes me up but I don't mind at all.
Movement: Definitely feeling little limbs above my belly button regularly now. No actual rib kicks but I feel her stretching up. She sometimes gets on one side and makes my stomach lopsided which is fun to see. I still have no idea what direction her head is in but I love watching and feeling her little parts slide around under there!
Cravings: I still want cake and donuts. Ha! My blood sugars have been pretty much perfect and I'm still curbing sweet cravings with fruit. We met with the diabetic educator and she gave me some tips and options to help me feel less confined in my eating choices. She also feels pretty confident that I shouldn't have issue with becoming a full-time diabetic post delivery. Praying praying praying!
Changes from last week: We're bigger. I noticed my feet swelling on the 4th of July. I had been outside quite a bit that day. They weren't huge but definitely chubby. A few hours of putting them up helped but that's the first time I saw swelling.
Best moment of the week: We spent time with good friends this weekend for the holiday. It was nice to just relax with them and enjoy some laughs.

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Looking forward to: Every little wiggle and squirm. Also, possibly (finally) playing with our carseat. Yes, it is still in the box in front of my desk. It's not hard as we have played with it in the store so it's not like we need to dedicate a weekend to it but I know we should probably get the bases in the cars within the next few weeks. :)
Scripture for the week: In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. - Ephesians 4:26-27  --  Real talk, last week my feelings were truly hurting. Pregnancy hormones definitely do not help overcome hurt feelings either. Several times I was tempted to act just as rude or awful as I felt but I knew that would have done nothing but spread poison onto those around me. There's about a million cliche quotes that capture how awful anger is but the Bible nails "do not give the devil a foothold." I said last week that it is my job as a mother to be an example. And while feelings may get hurt, it does not justify being nasty and causing worse damage thus falling further from His grace. It is a calling to rise above and mend the hurt with grace and kindness. While this calling does not equal being a doormat to poor treatment, it also means dealing with disappointment in grace, not in sin. I'm still learning to overcome my selfish emotions but there has never been a more important time to make conscious efforts to change bad habits I don't want my little love to see or replicate. Love and kindness always win. Rinse, repeat.

Love this little (now grumpy) fella. 

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