[she is 34 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 34 weeks
Size: Cannonball Butternut Squash
Symptoms: Super tired, pressure everywhere, and generalized discomfort in every position. Oh and insane happiness. Yes, you can be crazy happy when your body wants to be miserable.
Prepping for baby: I washed most of her newborn clothes and socks. We still haven't messed with her car seat but will try this weekend! Really, I'm trying to rest and get things done around the house.
Stretch marks: Nada.
Sleep: I've officially reached, "you're tired but no position works." Once I fall asleep, I sleep hard though. Until I need to use the bathroom...
Movement: Lots of tight squirms. It throws me off when she stretches - due to her increasing lack of space, things tighten, pain shoots around - it's a new sensation but still pretty awesome.
Cravings: Fruit, guacamole, and cookies.
Changes from last week: If I drop something, it now stays on the floor if I don't immediately need it.  Sorry if you come visit and my floor is covered in random things. I'm embracing letting go of having a clean house.
Best moment of the week: Josh and I finally had a getaway. I have been so scared to travel this whole pregnancy. For one, I don't like planes anyway (they make me sick) so flying somewhere awesome was sadly not happening. Second, sitting in a car for lengths at a time just weren't comfortable. I have to use the bathroom often and how she sits puts a lot of pressure on several nerves if I can't move around every hour. Josh and I really craved a little time out of the area and this weekend was the big 25th anniversary of my momma's death, so we drove to Tulsa for the weekend to recharge and reconnect. We walked around the mall, ate Cheesecake Factory, laughed in our hotel room, and just enjoyed each other's company. It was so nice to have that time. At the mall he noticed my feet hurt and I was waddling pretty hard. He saw a stand of Birkenstocks and had me pick a pair out to wear the rest of the day (and forever because they are too comfortable to wear anything else now). I love how he pays attention to details like that. I also finally got my hair cut. It had been about 6 months so I don't have crazy witch-ends anymore!

Josh captured this shot in our hotel room
Looking forward to: Laying down tonight! I've been running around with my head cut off today. I really can't wait to relax! We also have maternity pictures Friday. One of my friends takes beautiful family pictures so I'm so grateful that she and another bestie friend are setting aside some time Friday evening to take some shots of this incredible chapter of our lives.
Scripture for the week: And I am sure of this, He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. - Philippians 1:6  -- We are in the final 4 weeks of this incredible journey. All around there are so many things to fear or doubt. Social media has allowed access to stories of pain and suffering as much as there are stories of joy. There is so much unknown in life. But what I know for sure is that He is at the captain's wheel of this ship and no matter what, I trust in His plan. He has always looked after me and I find comfort that He will do the same for my little girl.

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