[she is 35 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 35 weeks
Size: Coconut
Symptoms: Lots of round ligament discomfort. Especially if I have been in one position too long. Ouch! I'm also still super tired as you can see in the pic above.
Prepping for baby: She's getting ready and I think we are as ready as you can be... well, minus the car seat. We really need to get those bases in the cars. And I should probably go ahead and actually set up her monitor and put the crib sheet on. Doing anything really wipes me out, so I joke that nesting for me has been online shopping. Melt my debit card, please.
Sleep: Sleep is still difficult. Positioning is tricky and the closer we get, the harder it is to turn my mind off to actually sleep.
Movement: She's a little wiggle worm and I love feeling her pedal her little feet. It's not like a kick, it's more of her just rocking her little feet around. And her little head moving from one side to the other is a trip. I will admit I actually have cried over the fact that my time feeling this little miracle inside will soon come to a close. I'm tearing up writing about it even. It's just been so magical harboring this precious girl and feeling her grow stronger and bigger each day.
Changes from last week: Waddling has intensified. And it takes forever and a day for me to get anything done, even to take a shower. I used to take three minute showers. Now it takes me like ten solid minutes to even get dry. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week so I can't imagine if I did that daily too.
Best moment of the week: Maternity pictures! It was so blessed hot outside and I don't know how we all survived it but a sweet friend took some incredible pictures of us at this lovely park and they turned out beautifully. So grateful that she took the time to capture this special chapter for us.

That's all for now - I want to save some for another post too!
Looking forward to: Every single moment. Appointments are now weekly. Everything looked great at our 35 week appointment (1cm dilated - ahhh, things are happening!) and next week we will do more blood work, an ultrasound, and another lovely pelvic check (eeeks on those!). Prayers for her and me to continue to grow strong and healthy and to hang on for a few more weeks, please!
Scripture for the week: From His fullness, we all have received grace upon grace. - John 1:16  --  Oh how we have. His grace brings me to my knees. Thank you Lord for this incredible life.

Everyone can stop telling me that he will be ignored when baby is here. Y'all don't even know the depth this cat is in my heart. :)

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