[she is 38 weeks pregnant]

How far along: 38 weeks
Size: Pumpkin
Symptoms: All over aches (primarily my hips), GI stuff, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...
Prepping for baby: I've been crazy emotional this week. It's really hitting me hard that she's not going to be squirming in my belly soon and I have shed a lot of tears over it. The other day I realized that she would soon be sleeping in a crib and not safe in my belly and TEARS. This has been such a wonderful experience. Not because I didn't have a rough pregnancy, because if I chose to live in negativity, I really did have some hard things to get through too. I simply choose thankfulness instead and have absolutely enjoyed carrying her.
Sleep: It's really hard to sleep. My mind races and my hips ache. So I lie awake online window shopping. Which honestly, I should probably read some good parenting books or better yet talk to God. My emotions and mind are all over the place this week and I'm working hard to reel it in. I know I need to sleep now when I can, but it is definitely easier said than done for me. Keep in mind I've only been able to take three naps this WHOLE time.
Movement: Still my wiggly girl. Movement has been my very favorite part of this experience. Feeling her little feet shuffle around and her head push against my ribs and stomach has been such a wildly fun experience.
Changes from last week: Officially feeling like there is a pumpkin in there. My stomach is so tight and I waddle like a penguin. Although I can't nap, I've essentially chilled out on activity for myself. I haven't been doing my walks or really going anywhere. I'm trying to just be still and enjoy the remaining time.
Best moment of the week: My brother and his girlfriend came to visit last weekend. I REALLY missed seeing him so it was great to have a few days to hang out. We mainly just ate a lot of food (thanks so much, Sherie for your cooking skills and cleaning help!) but I definitely enjoyed every delectable calorie. He gave me some great advice and shared some funny stories from when he became a dad. I love soaking in time with all these people I have tucked so deep in my heart.
Looking forward to: (rinse, repeat) Still every single moment. I cherish every ache and discomfort because I realize how fast this chapter has gone and I can't wait to hold my sweet love in my arms but I sure have enjoyed carrying her. 
Scripture for the week: Fear not for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. - Isaiah 43:1  --- Oh fear. It's so real yet so unnecessary. I cannot tell you how many people have tried to cast their anxieties over me and how hard it is to not let those seeds grow in my heart. But God is greater than fear. I have to remind myself that although the unknown is hard for me to wrap my head around, He knows the future and that is more than enough to remain brave and faithful.

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